Who I Am

I got my start in web development with customizing my MySpace page and spending a lot of time changing it and tweaking it. Later on, all of that playing around had led me to begin making pages for friends and family and whatever they needed.

At the start of 2020, I began freelancing and taking on new challenges. Since then, I’ve been enveloped by all things tech, and I want to use that to better our communities. I’m a motivated person, and I’ve followed these sayings to keep my self committed:

  • Never Give Up
  • Practice Makes Permanent
  • Your Focus Determines Your Reality

What Else?

As of now, I’m networking around web development communities in Austin. Along the way I’m keeping an eye out for any interesting projects or dev teams that may seem like a good fit for me.

In my free time I enjoy VR simulation racing, playing my guitar, keeping up with tech, trying new foods in Austin, concerts and art shows, watching Formula 1, hockey and the Cowboys, and various gaming, books, and movies.

Lets Get Started

If you are either looking for a website to be made, or a developer for your team, click below to get in touch.